Mechanical processing of aluminum

Our ALLTS company, located in Łężyce, offers its services throughout the entire Pomeranian province, including aluminum processing. As the properties of this material allow it to be used in many industries, we offer services for bending and cutting aluminum profiles, as well as other types of aluminum processing. We have not only a developed and modern technology park, but also various types of specialized machines, thanks to which we can extend offer our professional services. We guarantee excellent quality of cutting aluminum profiles and processing of aluminum, as well as completion of works ordered to us in accordance with a predetermined deadline. We have many years of experience and high competence, which translates into the satisfaction of our clients. The aluminum profiles machining is conducted using the professional/ industrial cutting method, which allows you to reduce machining costs and increase work efficiency. We also offer aluminum plastic forming, enabling you to obtain the desired shapes of the material.

obróbka profili i konstrukcji stalowych Allts

Properties and application of aluminum profiles and structures

Aluminum is a very popular material that is widely used in many industries. Its versatile application is determined by low production costs and lightness, accompanied by high durability. Aluminum is a cheaper alternative to steel, as its durability increases at low temperatures. Materials made of aluminum are also environmentally friendly, because they can be recycled, what does not affect its structure. Due to the high plasticity, aluminum can be easily processed, creating various types of profiles and structures. Aluminum profiles are very widely used, which is used in many industries:

  • In the construction of X-ray machines - as a protective material;
  • In the food sector for production of cans for various types of beverages;
  • For the production of aircraft parts, cars and sports equipment;
  • For the production of various types of home appliances;
  • In some engineering constructions
  • For the production of window, facade and door profiles;
  • In the roof construction;

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