Production of metal elements

Our company ALLTS provides comprehensive services for the processing of various types of steel and metal elements in the Pomeranian province. We care about the satisfaction of our Clients, which as well as the comprehensive fulfillment of their expectations is our priority. Therefore, we try to adapt our offer to the Clients' needs as much as possible by offering:

Machining services for structural steel, stainless steel and aluminum:

  1. 1. Cutting the metal sheets with the use of the SHP plasma saw in thickness ranges:
  • construction steel - cutting with a burner: up to 40 mm
  • structural steel: cutting from the edges to 30 mm, cutting with punctures up to 20 mm
  • stainless steel: cutting from the edge to 20 mm, cutting with punctures up to 16 mm
  • aluminum: cutting from the edge to 25 mm, cutting with punctures up to 16 mm
  1. 2. Cutting sections on a band saw:
  • straight cutting up sections to 610 x 360, cutting rollers up to fi 360 mm
  • cutting sections up to 300 x 360 mm at an angle of up to 60 degrees and rollers up to Ø 300 mm
  1. 3. Cutting of aluminum profiles on circular saws with cross-section up to fi 150mm
  2. 4. Cutting using eccentric and hydraulic presses with pressures from 16 to 100 tons.
  3. 5. Bending of flat bars up to 600 mm wide and up to 20 mm thick.
  4. Welding with MIG, MAG, TIG methods.

Designing, production and assembly of steel structures and halls for various purposes:

  1. Completion of project documentation including foundations and reinforced concrete
  2. Making a steel structure
  3. Installation of constructions, sandwich panels and other finishing elements of the object


Designing and production of short-distance transport systems and storage systems:

  1. Roller, ball and belt conveyors
  2. Light storage racks
  3. Feeders, assembly tables

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